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A Family Affair  Franchise Canada, January/February 2013 Your guide to a successful family-run franchise business. The Young and the Successful   Franchise Canada, November/December 2012 Meet four young franchisees, all under thirty, who prove that youthfulness can’t keep you from being successful! Franchise Location Matters  Franchise Canada, July/August 2012 Finding the right location is part science, part intuition, part experience and knowledge. ... >> The Benefits of B2B  Franchise Canada, May/June 2012 Franchises that provide business-to-business (B2B) products and services are a growing segment of the franchise industry. Entertaining Franchise Opportunities  Franchise Canada, March/April 2012 When it comes to leisure time and how a family spends their entertainment dollars, there is a vast array of choices available. These three Canadian franchises are carving out their own slice of the disposable income pie with three very different kinds of activities. Ready, Set, Explore!  Franchise Canada, January/February 2012 How to jump-start your franchise investment investigation Taking Wing   Franchise Canada, November/December 2011 St. Louis Bar and Grill is ready to soar coast-to-coast with ambitious expansion plans Hiring Help   Franchise Canada, November/December 2011 What you need to know about finding, hiring, and retaining you franchise’s greatest asset - it’s employees. Creating a Safe Work Environment  C-Store Life, October 2011 How safe are the workers in your store? What safeguards have you put in place to maximize safety and minimize risk? Every business owner needs to be concerned about the safety of their employees, but c-stores can face unique challenges.... >> Franchisees as Small Business Owners   Franchise Canada, September/October 2011 The Business Development Bank of Canada describes small- and medium-sized businesses as the backbone of the Canadian economy. Small Investment, Big Return  Franchise Canada, July/August 2011 The assistance of support service professionals can really pay off. Top 5 tips for training part-time staff  C-Store Life, 2011 Providing your staff with proper training is critical to the success of running a c-store, especially given all the regulations related to age-restricted products.. Bumper to Bumper    Franchise Canada, May/June 2011 Four franchise systems keeping cars in good repair from headlight to taillight. U Can Change Lives Franchise Canada cover story, March/April 2011 U Weight Loss helps clients and franchisees achieve success.   De-cluttering a Path to Success  Franchise Canada cover story, Jan/Feb 2011 JustJunk.com is on-trend in a growing sector. Sipping Success Franchise Canada, January/February 2011 Blenz the Canadian Coffee Company:  After a busy first year, the Sahdras enjoy the flexibility of time their Blenz franchise offers. A Slice of Success  Franchise Canada, Novermber/December 2010 Panago Pizza franchisee Qasim Saddique and his partners deliver quality customer service. A Taste of Europe,  Franchise Canada, September/October 2010   Famous in Quebec, Van Houtte is ready to help Canada discover the world of its cafés. The Daily Scoop,  Franchise Canada, September/October 2010 Baskin-Robbins franchisee Laury Hollend shares how he sets up for success every day.   In the Spot-Light,   Franchise Canada, July/August 2010 White Spot Restaurants is expanding eastward with its famous West Coast concepts Pet-Friendly Franchisees,  Franchise Canada, May/June 2010 Global Pet Foods multi-unit franchisees Donna and George keep pets healthy and happy.  Wonderfully Fresh  Franchise Canada, March/April 2010 Williams Fresh Café refreshes its brand for future expansion ... >> Next Generation  Cstore Life, February/March 2010 As a c-store owner who has built a successful business, you may be looking forward to the day your son or daughter will take over. Before you hand over the keys to your family store, consider the following... Motivating your staff    Cstore Life, February/March 2010 When it comes to motivating your workers, is it true that cash is king or are there are other effective ways to reward employees for a job well done? Timelines   Franchise Canada, Jan/Feb 2010 A look at typical timelines from investigation to becoming a franchisee.   Selling Staffing Solutions,  Franchise Canada, Nov/Dec 2009 Express Employment Professionals: The Damjanovics help people find jobs and businesses find the people they need. Merchandising the four corners of your store  Cstore Life, October/November 2009 Merchandising to new and repeat customers begins long before they walk through the front door. Getting ready for summer  Cstore Life, June/July 2009 Energy Drink Ban  Cstore Life, August/Septemer 2009 Although regulated by the Natural Health Products Directorate, Prince Edward Island is talking about banning energy drinks in their province. ... >> Energy Shots: fad or fabulous?  Cstore Life, August/Septemer 2009 Energy shots into the energy drink category ... >> Playing the Lottery  Your Convenience Manager cover story, November/December 2007 “PLAY WITH CONFIDENCE” is the buzzword, as lotteries across Canada work to rebuild public trust ... >> Prepaid phone cards  Your Convenience Manager, September/October 2007 Prepaid phone cards have become a staple in c-stores. The convenience of a quick in-and-out purchase appeals to phone card consumers, and savvy c-store operators are building a loyal, repeat customer base by catering to this growing market segment. ... >>