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Ladies Who Lunch  EatDrink magazine, March/April 2013 After reading an article in eatdrink about the River Room restaurant, a fellow I know mused aloud whether there actually are “ladies who lunch” ... >> Bandying About  Business London Living, October 2012 Angela Rivard looks to turn an innovative twist on yoga into a global get-fit franchise ... >> Peers Brings Skills to the Community  EatDrink magazine, May/June 2012 Culinary education...through the Community Food Advisor Program  ... >> Both Sides Now   London Citylife, Spring 2012 With the addition of the Early Bird Diner, the Wolfe brothers play to a whole new crowd ... >> A Recipe for Social Enterprise   EatDrink magazine, Nov/Dec 2011 London Training Centre is breaking new ground ... >> Mending Message  London Citylife, Fall 2011 Finding comfort in making a long-held secret public, Jacques Demers brings the issue of low literacy to London ... >> The Elmhurst Inn and Spa  Lifestyle Magazine, September/October 2011 Elevating an everyday getaway into a special occasion. Enjoying the Classics with Gusto  EatDrink magazine, Sept/Oct 2011 A short drive from Huron County Playhouse, and just a job away from Grand Bend’s main street, the Schoolhouse Restaurant is still just enough off the beaten path that you might never stumble upon it, but it’s well worth a short detour to dine there  ... >> The Homes of the 2011 Dream Lottery   Lifestyle magazine, May/June 2011 This year’s emphasis is on easy-living entertaining areas indoors and out.    Adding your personal touch with home furnishings    Lifestyle magazine, March/April 2011 The perils of perfectionism   Lifestyle magazine, March/April 2011 Perfection as a concept can be healthy and motivating, and can spur us to do our personal best. But constantly aiming for perfection in all aspects of our lives can be perilous... Celebrating Maple Syrup Season EatDrink magazine, March/April 2011 We’re lucky to live in a climate zone where maple trees thrive and the sap can be tapped, making us the envy of maple syrup lovers around the world  ... >> Following the Trail   EatDrink magazine, March/April 2011 A weekend getaway in Western New York  ... >> My Favourite Thing: David Cook, Owner Fire Roasted Coffee Company London Citylife, late winter 2011 My Puigpull corkscrew takes me back 20 years to a time in my life when I was working at Banff Springs Hotel ... >> Hell’s Belles!   London Citylife, December/January 2011        Women’s roller derby dishes out fun, fitness and empowerment on wheels ... >> My Favourite Thing: Carolyn Young, Director of Continuing Studies, UWO London Citylife, Dec/Jan 2011 I love my books. I have a couple of hundred fiction and about the same number of non-fiction, many by Canadian authors ... >> Mindful of the audience   London Citylife, November 2010 Mind Your Mind: Blending social networking with expert advice, a mental health program follows teens to their favourite hangout: the Internet ... >> My Favourite Thing: Sarah Merritt,  Manager, Old East Village BIA London Citylife, November 2010 I was brought up in Irish Catholic home in Glasgow. The tenements were... >> gray granite and pretty drab; St. Theresa was the only thing in our home with colour ... >> Give me five   London Citylife, September/October 2010 Ignite London: If you had five minutes on stage, what would you say?... >> Gearing up   London Citylife, September/October 2010 Purple Wheels: A new Western bike-share program teaches power of the pedal ... >> The Aging City   London Citylife, September/October 2010 The World Health Oganization has crowned London the first age-friendly city in Canada. ... >> On the trail of Terroir  EatDrink magazine, Aug/Sept, 2010 Discovering the tastes of Prince Edward County  ... >> Travels of a Married Woman  City Woman, July/August 2010 Women are a lot more independent these days...and many are travelling with girlfriends, sisters and daughters. Happy trails    London Citylife, June/July 2010 Texas Longhorn Ranch: Think Texas ranch and you’ll likely picture cactus, tumbleweeds and the American Southwest ... >> Expert Advice  London Citylife, April/May 2010 Ten stylish and sensible design trends you’ll want to bring home. ... >>   Working Pilgrimage London Citylife, April/May 2010 Through civilian duty, Sean Wilson comes to terms with his brother’s death.... >> My Passion: Bill Payne, Coordinator, St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre London Citylife, May 2010 I had an interest in inventing board games back in high school, but I didn’t really start seriously until I finished university ... >> The long and short of it  London Citylife, February/March 2010 He’s Canada’s tallest man. She’s a petite blonde. Love knows no boundaries. ... >> My Passion: Rob Allen, McFarlan, Rowlands Insurance Brokers London Citylife, February/March 2010 I transferred to London in 1990, met a neighbour as I pulled into my driveway, and was playing rec basketball my first weekend. I’ve been involved ever since ... >> My Passion: Perry Ferguson President, Voyageur Transportation Services and Checker Limousine.   London Citylife, December/January 2010 I started skiing 30 years ago when I was working at Banff Springs Hotel ... >> My Passion: Carol Stewart, Project manager, ESCLM London Citylife, October-November 2009 My interest in the environment goes back many generations, with natural historians on both sides and a grandfather who was an ornithologist ... >> Spring Decor Trends  London Citylife, April/May 2009 Put the kibosh on cold weather and welcome in the warm with stylish and sensible design trends you’ll want to bring home.... >> A World of Inspiration   Lifestyle Home Show, January 2009 The London Home Builders Association wants you to be inspired! Setting the Stage  Lifestyle Home Show, January 2009 For some people, the highlight of the Lifestyle Home Show is seeing the host of their favourite TV decorating show, an author they admire, or an expert on a topic that intrigues them. Good for the Soul  London Citylife, February/March 2008 Louise Maxwell started Soulful Encounters as an Internet dating service for the disabled. What she ended up with is so much more.... >> Call of the Wild   London Citylife, January/February 2005 Salthaven Wildllife Rehabilitation and Education Centre provides a safe place for injured, displaced or orphaned creatures.... >>
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