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Behind the Seams  London Inc., November 2017 Filthy Rebena: Access to a  valued–and secretive–supply chain helps a vintage fashion retailer stay atop of retro trends  [read more} Mixing It Up London Inc. October 2017 Dynamix: As legalization looms, Dynamix tailors its business strategy to best enter the emerging marijuana industry [read more] Core Transfer London Inc. October 2017 Sterling Marking Products:  An unlikely location provides a perfect new home for Sterling Marking Products [read more] Both Sides of the Wall London Inc. September 2017 Coleman-Dias Construction:  Equal parts function and flair, a husband-and- wife reno firm puts homeowner education at the forefront [read more] Pump Yourself Up London Inc. September 2017 London Bicyle Café:  Trending in major cities around the world, the Forest City gets its own cycle café. [read more] Native Content London Inc. September 2017 Shop London:  Singing the praises of local businesses, Shop London finds  a welcoming and engaged audience.  [read more] Delivering Some Good London Inc. Summer 2017 Rebel Remedy:   Taking an innovative approach to eating well, a new downtown eatery delivers healthy food and drink – minus the attitude. [read more] Courtship Behaviour London Inc. June 2017 Forest City Sport & Social Club:  Continued investment in a restored outdoor site serves up fresh programming and new revenue [read more] Joinery Techniques London Inc. June 2017 Cardinal Fine Cabinetry/McKaskell Haindl Design Build:  A merger of two specialized cabinetry firms provices an innovative solution to the challenge of finding skilled labour  [read more] Cool Runnings London Inc. June 2017 New Wave/London Ice Cream:  Succeeding in a crowded and competitive industry, New Wave Ice Cream gears up to expand its distribution market [read more] Welcome to my Shedquarters London Inc. May 2017 Backyard Escape Studios:  A local start-up lets you turn your back yard into an office [read more] Stretching Beyond Divides London Inc. May 2017 Yoga Shack:  By offering women-only classes in an isolated environment, a yoga studio takes down barriers that keep some Muslim women from participating [read more] Alternative Endings Business London,  January 2017 Affordable Funeral Options: Low overhead hels a funeral director cater to the growing market of consumers looking for less expensive funerals .. >> The Business Has Legs Business London,  May 2016 Eminent Metal Industries: Answering demand for custom furniture leg pieces, a small metal design and fabrication business takes the next step .. >> Getting Your Geek On Business London, February 2013 Uber Cool Stuff:  An entrepreneur turns his lifelong love of all things cool into a retail business .... >> Supplemental Results Business London, January 2013 Supplement Source:  From humble beginnings, a nutritional products distributor grows to become Canada’s leading online supplier ... >> In the Basket  Business London, December 2012 Gammage Flowers, Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut, Wright’s Send a Basket:  With the acquisition of Wright’s Send a Basket, Judite Holder fulfils a vision for a one-stop shop ... >> Sweat Equity  Business London, December 2012 Titika Active Wear: In a homecoming of sorts, a growing active wear retailer and manufacturer stretches its way to town ... >> Affordable Means Business London, November 2012 London Community Foundation:  A new social loan program aims to spur affordable housing development ... >> The Meat of the Matter Business London, November 2012 Clancy’s Meat Company:  After introducing Clancy’s Meat Co. to Ontario, a franchisee plans a recipe for expansion ... >> Sound Strategy  Business London, October 2012 London Audio:  By embracing the leading edge, an audio retailer stays tuned in ... >> Repeat Performance  Business London, March 2012 Nite Owl & Early Bird:  After carving out a unique place in the market with the Nite Owl lounge, two brothers make a dining play ... >> The Shop Next Door Business London, Feb. 2012 LimeBlu & Sunningdale Optometry:  A husband and wife put two new businesses under one shared roof ... >> The Zooming Business of Zen  Business London, January 2012 Yoga Shack: A yoga studio stretches to keep up with demand ... >> A Site Better  Business London, January 2012 Remontech: A remote monitoring technology firm enables construction companies to manage job sites from anywhere ... >> Learning the Ropes  Business London, December 2011 Mattox Circus School: Thinking about running away with the circus? An aerial performance school helps people take to the sky ... >> Thought for Food  Business London, November 2011 Registered Dietician Services: A registered dietician discovers an unexpectedly healthy market for nutritional education ... >> Sporting Approach  Business London, October 2011 ReActive Physiotherapy:  A new physiotherapy clinic takes aim at the golfing community ... >> Staying Ahead of the Curve  Lifestyle magazine, September/October 2011 Wastell Builders Group:  Doug Wastell spent many of his formative years on building sites, learning about construction from the ground up. Growing Bones   Business London, September 2011 Tribe Medical Group:  A surgical supply company leverages its London location to become the country’s fastest-growing orthopaedics firm  ... >> Final Arrangements Business London, August 2011 Logan Funeral Home: One of the city’s oldest funeral homes makes way for a new facility ... >> Frozen Assets Business London, July 2011 KiwiKraze: Launching with a polished presence, a new fro-yo operator eyes franchised expansion  ... >> A Repeat Performance  Business London, July 2011 Style 360 Selective Consignment:  A consignment boutique caters to the working fashionista ... >> Boxing Moves Business London, June 2011 FrogBox: An eco-friendly moving box business hops into the local market ... >> Brown bagging it  Business London, May 2011 The Bag Lady Variety & Take-Away:  First launched as a lunch service for downtown workers, a retro café and variety store develops into a neighbourhood staple ... >> Ashes to Ashes  Business London, April 2011 Ontario Cremation Services: With a growing demand for alternative funeral arrangements, a cremation services firm expands its regional presence ... >> Dings, Dents and Dollars  Business London, April 2011 Dent Clinic: A new-to-Ontario franchise removes dents without repainting ... >> Upping the bar   Business London, March 2011   Habitual Chocolate:  A food entrepreneur employs his coffee expertise to manufacture chocolate bars directly from the bean ... >>
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