Engage, educate, inspire. ______________________________
Member of The Writers Union of Canada                                                   Professional Adult Educator Life Skills Coach Certified TypeFocus Practitioner Graduate of Ivey Business School Western University                                                                                                      
Contact Kym kym@kymwolfe.com Office 519.645.6340   Cell     519.494.9653
Writer & Editor V ersatile writer and published author. Consistently captures the essence of a story to suit the intended audience or purpose.   Experienced editor who  rewrites and polishes existing documents. 
Speaker & Facilitator   Trained presenter and workshop facilitator with a focus on topics related to personal awareness and professional skills development. Experienced community development practitioner who brings both people skills and analytical business skills to her work with community groups and non-profit organizations. Certified TypeFocus Practitioner   promoting workplace harmony and diversity of thinking through the understanding of personality type.
The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci I believe that most people enjoy learning new things and increasing their knowledge, awareness and understanding of themselves, people, concepts, and the world in general. Whether people read something I have written, listen to me speak, participate in a workshop, or follow me through downtown London on a walking tour, my hope is that they will learn something interesting, entertaining or useful, and will consider it time well spent.